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Information to support understanding of Long Covid 

If you are currently experiencing long covid these are two useful sources of information:





Wendy White Respiratory Physiotherapy Advanced Practitioner 

Physiotherapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders 

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


Advice about Post-traumatic stress disorder and support with your mental health and well-being:


Advice on fatigue management including pacing, particularly if you think you have post viral fatigue:

Covid Aid

Covid Aid is the UK’s national charity dedicated to supporting those significantly affected by Covid-19.

I Remember - Scotland's Covid Memorial

I remember is a memorial walk through Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, featuring 40 tree supports installed in groves and alongside paths.  

Alec Finlay was commissioned to create Scotland’s Covid memorial and his vision has led to the I remember national Covid memorial in Pollok Country Park.


I remember includes an audiobook, read by Robert Carlyle, with sound design by Chris Watson. This is accessible using a smart phone, via the QR-code displayed on signage and plaques on the artworks.

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